You Go To or Went To Saint James School of Medicine if…

1. You’re the happiest person on the plane when you’re leaving Bonaire, and all the tourists think you’re CRAZY!
2. When the electricity goes out, the class is over.
3. Between classes you go to Spankhoek across the street for a BEER.
4. Milk costs more on the island than the COW it came from!
5. The same lame people drive in their lame cars back in forth from Karal’s to city cafe for the entire night, because it’s COOL.
6. Your professors actually party with you!
7. You have to take pictures of your grades when they are posted because they MAGICALLY change at the end of the year.
8. You think that KARALS and CITY CAFE are CLUBS!
9. SERO still talks about himself in 3rd person. (Sero says, ” Sero likes fast cars, Sero will fix that, Sero very good handyman.”
10. The library is never open! And it’s full of engineering books.
11. You know that all your teachers are brown and so are your CADAVERS!!
12. You think that Della is the nicest local on Bonaire.
13. You call BONAIRE… BONER…
14. You tell everyone you’re going to a Caribbean School and they think you are the luckiest person ever!
15. The prices of the same Subway sandwich changes everyday depending on the mood of the cashier.

I found some of these from FaceBook and few I added myself.

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