University of Montreal Professor Offers Research Opportunity to SJSM Students

We actually have a visiting professor from University of Montreal, Dr. H, who is a researcher, and who also teaches the MD2 Neurology class. His specialty is Neurology. He offered an opportunity for a small group of SJSM students to do a research project with him. He told us if everything works out well with the project then our names would be published in several medical journals. I’m definitely going for it.

Apparently this teacher works in the research facilities of University of Montreal and he will guide us through this. I know I’m an MD3 and I have enough on my plate but something like this doesn’t come everyday. I know for a fact that if I’m successful then this will help me significantly in getting a good residency. Residency directors want to see more than just passing USMLE and doing rotations. They want to see research and as much clinical experiences as possible before graduating medical school.