SJSM Will Start Expelling Students

It seems that some of the students are out of control. Students fight, they get physical, for seats and chase each other in the classroom. Some students, especially the pre-med students came back from their vacation on the week of the tests.

When we were having class there was a lot of screaming outside. It was two MD2 students who got into an argument but other students got into between and separated them. I saw one of the students and not surprisingly that student is part of the party crowd.

On a Monday, two students almost got into a fist fight all because of seats in the front of class. Student A left his notebook on a seat to reserve his seat from last Friday. Student B, saw the notebook and thought Student A always takes everyone’s seats in the past so he placed Student A’s notebook on the desk next to the first desk. Student B sits down and places his laptop on the desk because the the seats should be taken on a first come, first serve basis. Student A walks in and argues for the seat but student B refuses because student A always takes other people’s seat, including his own, in the past. So, student A pulls on student A’s computer but student B grabs it and places down on the desk and tells student A to calm down. Student A argues and argues and then lifts the desk on a 45 degree angle. Student B was sitting on a seat pad so there is no friction on the seat; therefore, when student A lifted the desk up slightly, student B slid off the desk and fell on the floor. Looking at the situation anyone can tell that it’s not going to end well. Student A is short and hot headed and student B is big and calm. Student B got up and aggressively went after student A. Obviously this won’t end well for student A so he ran the opposite direction and tripped on a bunch of computer wires and the classroom’s computer fell along with him. Then other fellow students helped student A up while student B was taken outside by another student. Student B didn’t do anything while student A is proud of what he did. Student A was warned for expulsion by the dean because apparently that wasn’t the only incident by Student A.

The attendance policy states that students must have 80% attendance per block in order to sit for the tests for that block. As I mentioned before, there are a lot of party people in the school and I don’t know how they get by when the classes demand so much studying. However, it’s their business so I don’t bother with it. The vacation after last semester is supposed to be a weeklong but most people took two weeks off and a few took three weeks off. Therefore, the dean stated that from now on, any student that does not show up for orientation, which is held a day before the first day, will be expelled without question. The school is autonomous from the Chicago administration when it comes to handling attendance and academics. The Chicago administration takes care of the financial matters, IT matters, government matters with the Bonaire’s and Anguilla’s governments, employment, etc. basically everything else.