Don’t Stay at Hotel Rochaline

Information for students of the Xavier and St. James Medical Schools

Starting May 01 – 2010, there is NO more availablity for students of the Xavier and St. James Medical Schools in hotel Rochaline! There are several reasons for this new rule, but most of all, it is simply based on ‘attitude’ and ‘behaviour’ of some of these young ‘spoiled’ and high demanding kids!

We understand, our clients are our guests and therefor they will be treated in the most friendly way. We onderstand that we also can make mistakes but we will always respect our guests and apollogize for these mistakes and/or mis-comminications. Some students have another idea about this and creating their own rules. They do not accept the simple basics of respect. They do not undrstand the rule of a ‘commitment’. We try to be as flexible as possible. We try to understand the long travels, the lack of money, of starting something new, a new country…. new people, another culture, etc. If the students try to understand this also, the will be most welcome again in hotel Rochaline.

Mr. Sjoerd Vanderbrug Manager/Owner

I got word that two students who stayed in the hotel at the beginning of this semester were given bad service. I know for a fact those two students did not give any attitude. If the hotel owner sees any students he gets pissed. I guess when they see a young face, and the constant request of extending the stay, they get mad. And I remember in MD1 semester two students were refused to extend their stay, and the hotel owner had their baggage removed from the room and placed in the lobby. So, in the future don’t book anything at the hotel, and save yourself a lot of trouble.