New Clinical Semester is Added to the Curriculum

A new semester is added to the SJSM curriculum. I got word that the administration will be adding a new semester to the basic science courses before letting us go to study for the USMLE Step 1. An 8-week semester is added right after MD4 in Chicago in one of the affiliated hospitals to train the students for clinicals in a hospital setting where there will constant interactions between the students and the patients. I had no idea this was coming, but the administration told the students today. So therefore, there will be and MD5 class group. I really hope they don’t charge us much because there is enough expenses as it is. And I’m not from Illinois so I have to look for housing in Chicago for my MD4 semester.

4 thoughts on “New Clinical Semester is Added to the Curriculum”

  1. thanks for your blog, i just found your blog last night from studentdoctor, and i did not sleep and read your entire blog. i feel like i am at school. it is very nice


  2. Hey thanks for your insight. Really appreciate it. How will this effect students prepreation for the USMLE? Why was this semester added anyway? studentrs get their "patient experience" during their clinical rotations. I think its pointless.

  3. People say, that it will help for the USMLE because it'll take basic science knowledge and apply it to real patient care. USMLE is all clinical based. Most medical schools do this, SJSM was latest to do this.

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