Contact Numbers of Landlords and Realtors

I got a hold of some of the phone numbers of people and realtors who are renting out places.  Some may or may not rent out to students.  But I suggest you call all of them to see if there are places available to rent since finding a place is the hardest part.

Kaya Amsterdam – +599 – 7172408

Harbor Village – +599 -7177500

Eden Beach – +599 -7176720

Bonaire Partners – +599 -7174545

Sunbelt Reality – +599 -7176560

Remax – +599 -7177362

Mellisa – +599 -7175519

Leonne – +599 – 786-1940

Daniella – +599 – 700-5373

Astrid – +599 – 785-6312

Deepak – +599 – 786-2002

Rina – +599 – 7864710

Marun – +599 – 7868939

Joe Chu – +599 – 7863612

Allen – +599 – 7862277

Natasha – +599 – 7862286

Cofi – +599 – 5614225

Elizabeth – 866-790-3333

5 thoughts on “Contact Numbers of Landlords and Realtors”

  1. I start in september term. Do you think its a better idea if I go down there during summer to find a place to stay first or should I wait until 1 week before sept term stars to find a place?

  2. Go exactly a week before school starts. Or what you can do is, if you have the financial means, get in contact with the current MD4s and ask them to book their place for you to their landlords so when they leave you'll get it right away. But you should go down there to make a deposit. The MD4s get done with their classes before the other classes.

  3. I don't know how we get on this list, but we have one bedroom apartments within walking distance to the Hato Campus starting at $625.00 which includes fully furnished apts, cable tv, wireless internet and more. We also have a swimming pool on site and laundry facilities. You can contact us at [email protected] or call 866-790-3333


  4. @Elizabeth: I went to the new campus and I don't recommend students walking to the new campus with all the trees and bushes around. I recommend students with cars to rent at Hato.

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