What to Do During Break

I said my goodbyes to the previous MD4s. I congratulated them for their completion of basic sciences, wished them good luck for the USMLE Step 1, and bid them farewell. To some, especially couples who are part of two different classes, it’s heartbreaking since they spent a lot of time together. One thing I observed is that, if you’re not married or not already in a relationship, then don’t initiate one while studying in med school. Keeping up with a relationship can be very stressful while studying medicine.

I’m not going home this break because it’s very costly to go back and forth from Bonaire to USA. Not only is it pricy, but also because getting a cheaper flight is a headache with 12 hour traveling time with connecting flights. A lot of people are planning to have fun this break but I think a day or two to rest one’s mind is enough with light review of the previous semester’s materials. Reviewing should always be done in between semesters because one cannot recall all the concepts of MD1 after he or she is done with MD4; therefore, review is mandatory.

3 thoughts on “What to Do During Break”

  1. aww…i hope you get a lot reviewing done during the break…i am kinda of in the same boat, even thou school is out for me, and my mcat review class hasnt offically started, i have been trying to study mcat on my own…i am definitly feeling the pressure now…
    Best of luck to you!!
    Keep the excellent work up!!

  2. it's kind of hard reviewing during the break because i need more discipline by going to a class….and if u do come to SJSM, I may have already completed my basic sciences. I'm currently an MD3 student. So I have this semester plus one more semester.

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