Visitors of Medical School Memoirs

This is a Google Analytic map of the people who come and read the content of this site. As you can see a good number of students come to this site from Illinois, Florida, New York, and New Jersey. Majority comes from Chicago, Illinois because most of the core rotations are located there.

Last Block of MD2

I haven’t been blogging lately because I have gotten busy with studies. Test week is coming up and this is the last block till the end of the semester. I have also been looking over the outline of the USMLE from the 2009 version First Aid book. It’s kind of tough studying for classes and studying for Step 1 at the same time. I have to understand the concept and then memorize little facts. In all medical schools passing is the main thing; grades have no importance until clinical years in America.

Studying for Step 1 little by little, during the basic science years, helps because you cannot cram in everything unless you know what concepts are going to be on the test, that’s when a review course is mandatory.

I recently found out that a Ross student attempted the USMLE without taking a review course (Kaplan or Falcon) and she got a 180; basically she failed. You need a 188 in order to pass but just passing is not good enough unless you want to end up in a rural town where there is no competition in medical students. She’s a niece of one of my old cousins. And she’s no slacker, she’s been studying on and one, but this shows that when going to a Caribbean school it doesn’t matter which one you choose unless you care about where you want to practice.

Medical Supplies to Bring for New Students

I forgot to mention the medical supplies which are required. Thanks “lovecloud” for reminding me.

Dissection Kit
You can get one from University Book Store Online. They are $35, but we have new ones here for $20. You don’t really need to get one, because most likely you won’t be using yours. You will be in a group for anatomy class and that group will be assigned a cadaver. And in a group onye 2 or 3 dissection kits will be used while the rest of them will not be opened.

White Coat
You will wear your white coat every time you go in for anatomy lab. In some semesters we will hold a heath fair to prove the Bonairian community free medical services, and as a future doctor you will have to wear it. And you will also need it for your white coat ceremony which will be held in your MD4 semester.

This is an option for the anatomy lab. If you don’t want to wear your white coat then you can wear scrubs but you still need a white coat.

Nothing much to say about these, just get one of each:
– Bell & Diaphragm Stethoscope
– Thermometer
– Skin Calipers
– Tape
– Percussion Hammer

Blood Pressure Machine (Sphygmomanometer)
Make sure you get one; you will be using it in your MD2 and MD4 semesters. Do not buy the digital one. Get the classic one with the analog mercury meter.

Tuning Fork
I didn’t get one but we used them for MD2 class and I saw MD4 class using them so I guess we need them. You get the 128VPS from University Books Store Online.

Get the mobile digital one. That’s all you need.

Latex Gloves
Get a single box of latex gloves.  The school does have some for students, but it’s better to bring your own because you may need more than a pair or two.  You may need it for other reasons other than dissecting the corpse.

You won’t need one until in the later semesters but it’s better to get it now than looking for one on the island.

Now, you can order them all from University Book Store Online and have them shipped directly to Saint James School of Medicine. When I ordered from them I got my shipment free. And since it’s delivered to SJSM directly you won’t have to pay a recipient fee for customs.