Last Block of MD2

I haven’t been blogging lately because I have gotten busy with studies. Test week is coming up and this is the last block till the end of the semester. I have also been looking over the outline of the USMLE from the 2009 version First Aid book. It’s kind of tough studying for classes and studying for Step 1 at the same time. I have to understand the concept and then memorize little facts. In all medical schools passing is the main thing; grades have no importance until clinical years in America.

Studying for Step 1 little by little, during the basic science years, helps because you cannot cram in everything unless you know what concepts are going to be on the test, that’s when a review course is mandatory.

I recently found out that a Ross student attempted the USMLE without taking a review course (Kaplan or Falcon) and she got a 180; basically she failed. You need a 188 in order to pass but just passing is not good enough unless you want to end up in a rural town where there is no competition in medical students. She’s a niece of one of my old cousins. And she’s no slacker, she’s been studying on and one, but this shows that when going to a Caribbean school it doesn’t matter which one you choose unless you care about where you want to practice.

2 thoughts on “Last Block of MD2”

  1. Dear imgstudent,
    I know you are very busy with your upcoming finals, but i just want to tell you i got in for Jan 2011!!!!
    I am going to pay the deposit tomorrow to hold my seat, however i am still planning on taking the MCAT in mid August, we will see how i do…i will keep you posted!!

    Good luck on ur finals!!

  2. Congrads on getting in. Keep in mind that if you put the deposit down and you get into a US Med School then you loose the deposit. The deposit of $1000 in "non-refundable" but it does go towards your first semester's tuition.

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