We Will Be Here to Help the New Students Settle Down

Today we had a discussion of which students will stay and which students will leave for break. We have a week break till the next semester starts and a lot of students are going to head back to USA/Canada for a short vacation. I won’t go because the cost to go back and forth is very costly so I plan to stay. I signed up as one of the handful of students who will help the SGA with the new medical students.

Please let us know all the following information so we can help you settle down:
a) Your name
b) Your flight schedule, as in what day your arriving and the exact time.
NOTE: Please try to get an afternoon flight; it’s easier for all of us to arrange a ride for you. It’s fine if you get a very early morning flight. We don’t mind waking up 5 in the morning to pick you up but you may have to wait longer.
c) Your airline and the flight number.
d) And which hotel you are planning to stay at till you find a place

You can also ask the Chicago office for help; however, since I have direct contact with SGA here it’s better to email me with the information also at [email protected]. I will submit the information to our SGA officers and the professors.

2 thoughts on “We Will Be Here to Help the New Students Settle Down”

  1. Wow…thank you for being so nice and offering to help the new kids…i wish i was starting this summer…
    ps: i have an interview with SJSM this monday for Spring 2011 bc i want to leave myself enough time in case i want to take the mcat in august…i will keep you posted if i receive any good news ^_^

  2. Yeah try to get into a US med school over a Caribbean. I'm only telling you this because Caribbean med schools will not spoon feed you. You have to learn mostly by yourself with the teachers guide.

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