Rainy Days are Never Good in Bonaire

Today it poured like crazy. Even with all the sunny days we get in Bonaire I’m never a fan of rainy days on the island. Some of the roads are not paved so you can imagine how the day would turn out for someone like me who walks everywhere. Today I would say is the worst day I’ve had this semester. I got a hold of someone’s car for 30 min to do grocery shopping after school. I had to shop for everything in less than 30 min. I did my grocery shopping and I picked up my friend from immigration office. He was nice enough to let me borrow his car. I drove his car with my groceries to my house with him and his roommate. Unfortunately the road in front of my house is not paved so there is a slab of mud; the car got stuck in mud. I pressed the accelerator more but instead of getting the car to move, mud splattered all over the window. I got out and placed a wooden board behind one of the car’s rear tires and eventually got it move. After that I placed my groceries in the house, but while doing so some of the apples dropped into the mud. So far you can tell I was not in a good mood. After I got all of the groceries in the house, I got a bucket of water and splashed it in the car’s window. The window was clean and my friend was headed home. In Kralendijk the power went out, but fortunately for me, my house is in the outskirt of Kralendijk so I use a different power grid. Most of the island’s electricity is generated by wind turbines; for some odd reason on rainy days the power usually goes out for 2 hours or so.

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