Book your Airline Tickets Now

It’s almost a month away since the next semester begins. New student should be booking their tickets now if not already done so. I looked closely at; they apparently come up with the lowest fares. The two airlines you will most likely take are Delta Airlines or Continental Airlines. Other airlines that come to the island are numerous Dutch airlines but their prices are beyond Delta’s or Continental’s.

I won’t be going back home for the break because it’s very expensive to go back and forth, especially from this island.  And my parents said I’m not allowed to come back into house until I finish my basic sciences..go figure. However, for the new students, you won’t have your permit or a re-entry permit till you stay here. When you book your airline ticket keep in mind round trip ticket is required by Bonairian Immigration. Until you get your permit you have to show proof that you will return to US/Canada. Go to SJSM’s website and find the date for the final exams.  For Summer 2010 the final exam date is Wednesday August 25; therefore, book your tickets for the weekend for dates Saturday, August 28 or Sunday, August 29.