USMLE Step 1 Review: Falcon vs. Kaplan vs. DIT

Kaplan representatives give SJSM a visit once every semester, now a Falcon Review rep came by about a month ago. These representatives gives our school presentations of why their company can provide the perfect study plan to pass and get a high score in the United States Medical Licensing Examination Step 1. I know of students who took either of the two and got 90+ or 99 scores in the Step 1 exam.

The Falcon Review representative gave us information regarding themselves as compared to Kaplan and DIT in the Online Review course. I never heard of DIT until the Falcon Review representative brought it up. Anyways here is what she gave me:

Falcon Review
Number of Instructors: 17
Instructors Who Have Taken USMLE: All
Books Included: 13
Questions Bank: USMLE Consult (6 Months)
Diagnostic Exam: Yes
MD/PhD Instructors: All
Instructors with Specialization: Yes
Cost: $999 (60-day subscription)

Kaplan Medical Review
Number of Instructors: 8
Instructors Who Have Taken USMLE: Some
Books Included: 8
Questions Bank: In-House (3 Months)
Diagnostic Exam: Yes
MD/PhD Instructors: Not All
Instructors with Specialization: No
Cost: $1,499 (60-day subscription)

Doctors in Training (DIT) Review
Number of Instructors: 1
Instructors Who Have Taken USMLE: 1
Books Included: 0
Questions Bank: N/A
Diagnostic Exam: N/A
MD/PhD Instructors: N/A
Instructors with Specialization: N/A
Cost: $700 (30-day subscription)

10 thoughts on “USMLE Step 1 Review: Falcon vs. Kaplan vs. DIT”

  1. it seems like Kaplan is more popular but Falcon seems to be better.

    Just out of curiosity~personally which one would you be taking?

  2. To tell you the truth I have no idea. I can't decide. Falcon's retreat is also cheaper than Kaplan's retreat but Falcon has Dr. Goljan teaching pathology and a lot of Kaplan professors write the Step 1. I need more time to decide which one to take.

  3. Go for Falcon – you will not regret it. Kaplan is very popular because its been around for long BUT not upping their game at all to meet the current competion from "newer" companies such as Falcon. I took Kaplan for step 1 live lectures I failed then took Falcon 85 – went back to Falcon for Step 2 – 93 – now step 3 had to go back to Kaplan but not good so supplemented with Premier Review and 99. Q banks I always do kaplan, us world – for step 3 since I heard Kaplan not so good I added usmle consult.

    So – FALCON any time BUT need to put in time like with any other class you take.

    Wish you all the best. Another thing – I am an FMG from >5 yrs ago and am proud to say will be matched this year.

    Study hard and God bless.

  4. Kaplan is very basic but they do help to get a solid foundation. Falcon is very good in terms of getting the concepts straight. But nothing is perfect.

  5. Hey,

    SGU student here. I went to all 3 seminars for DIT, Kaplan, and Falcon. They came here and gave their spiel.

    DIT – videos are pretty much guy reads First Aid to you. Though, DIT was started by an SGU student apparently and their teaching is based on SGU style.

    Kaplan – great videos, touch every topic with books, all high yield. Only downside is that their question bank is Kaplan. They don't use UWorld or UConsult. Also, they don't use First Aid, but all of their books combined probably cover more than First Aid. John Baronne is the ultimate teacher.

    Falcon – officially licensed to teach First Aid. Guy in video also reads First Aid like in DIT, but knows more. All Qbanks are UWorld and UConsult. Edward Goljan is the ultimate teacher.

    I'd personally go with Falcon b/c I'm more of a self-learner and I don't want to be just listening to someone lecture, that's passive learning. To be active, I have to study on my own and do questions. I think Falcon is the only one that really allows me to do it. I"m not talking about retreat obviously.

  6. Grenada is offering a Kaplan course on the island however. Not sure yet if I want to do it, since I want to spend more time studying and doing questions by myself than going to lectures that take up the whole day.

    Though if I go the online route, I miss the 1-on-1 tutor sessions that may clear up any concepts I might have.

    So it's a tough decision..

  7. So I watched sample videos of both Falcon and DIT. It seems DIT is slightly better because they have quizzes while they lecture on First Aid. That's more active. While both programs advertise active learning anyways.

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