Telbo Versus Flamingo Television Internet Services

On Bonaire there are two companies that provide internet services Telbo and Flamingo Television. One provides DSL internet and the other provides cable internet. In cable technology, the internet speed is shared among anyone in your neighborhood, unlike DSL internet. Last semester we had Flamingo internet, who provides cable internet, and our internet speed was ridicously low. This semester we found out about Telbo so we decided to order internet service from them.

It’s been over a month since we ordered internet service from Telbo. Our landlord went to their office multiple times every single week and even called them. Unfortunately they don’t care much about our business so we’re forced to withdraw our money. Telbo has very high speed internet but unfortunately their customer service is little to nothing which is required for good business. Therefore, my roommate and I decided to go with Flamingo Television’s internet again. I went to Flamingo’s office and they said they can get someone to install our internet the next day after we deposit the installation and first month services payment.