I Want Improve my Medical Studies

So far I have taken 6 blocks of tests and each time I study for these tests, my studying habits have become more concrete and my studying have become more efficient. The main goal of studying is basically to memorize. Of course memorizing hundreds of facts and concepts isn’t easy so I thought there has to be a better way. Memorizing becomes easier if I read, write, and hear something. So when I get class notes I read them out loud and as I read them out loud I record what I say on portable device. Once I’m done going through the entire notes, I go back and read the notes again, and as I read them again I play what I recorded, along with writing them.

The key to this is listening and writing as if you’re in class. I know for some it’s hard to pay attention to the professors because most of them have monotone voices; therefore, this method helps.

Another method which is good for memorizing is discussing what was taught in class with others. One of my friends came over and we studied for 2 days for one test. We went back and forth explaining to each other what we just read along with explaining the concepts in our own words; by doing so you’re opening more channels of memorization. When a classmate explains a concept to me, he/she will do so in a way which will get me to remember what that person taught based on how that person taught me. During discussion an efficient way of memorizing would be finding a real-world application to which the concept relates to.