Timing is Everything to be a Physician

The medical school work is getting more do-able this semester; however the load work is adding on more and more. I stay consistent as I study every day. There is no reason not to study. As a student in the Caribbean the ECFMG will expect a bit more work from us than a US medical graduate. I called home recently and found out several of the students I went to college with, and who are married, just had babies. Others are just getting engaged or getting married. Sometimes I ask myself, which life will I have?
I question myself if I should have a family life or a life in which I concentrate on my career. Most of the time it’s not a matter of choice because I’m South Asian (Desi) and we are pressured to get married once we’re done with our education. I doubt I will have a family life due to my pursue of becoming a US Physician with a specialty/sub-specialty.
I called the Saint James Medical School headquarters in Chicago. They gave me a timeline of what needs to be done at what time span.
16 Months (Basic Science Courses)
1. Histology
2. Embryology
3. Medical Ethics
4. Human Gross Anatomy
5. Neuro-Anatomy
6. Biochemistry
7. Physiology
8. Medical Genetics
9. Pharmacology
10. Microbiology
11. Psychology
12. Pathology I
13. Pathology II
14. Epidemiology
15. Physical Diagnostics Introduction
6 Months (Break)
1. Study for and write for the USMLE Step 1.
2. Submit PASSING score to the Chicago Office.
2-3 Weeks
Wait several weeks for the rotation schedule to begin and to settle down to the location.
48 Weeks
Core Clinical Rotations
48 Weeks
1. Complete Elective Rotations
2. Apply for Residencies (National Match Program) and go to interviews.
3. Study and sit for the USMLE Step 2.
4. After PASSING the Step 2, you’re a MD Graduate.

2 thoughts on “Timing is Everything to be a Physician”

  1. Four years after you posted this, I have a question!
    Semester 5, you move to Chicago for the 16 week AICM then what? How long is it until you start clerkship? Help!

  2. After AICM you study by yourself and take the USMLE Step 1 after SJSM clears you.

    The time it takes from AICM to clerkship depends on how fast you take the USMLE Step 1. Some students take 6 months, other students take longer than that because they may have financial or family issues to deal with.

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