The MD2 Light

OK so it’s been a while since I posted. I moved from my old place to a new one which is a bit further from the school. I usually took me less than 5 minutes to walk to school, but now it takes me about 10 minutes; therefore it’s double the distance. Currently I’m an MD2, which is 2nd semester medical student here in Saint James School of Medicine. Many said MD2 is an easy semester which is not that easy. It’s easier to pass but why work to just pass, one should study as much as they can to get the top marks. Like US medical schools, Saint James School of Medicine just requires student to pass in order to complete the basic sciences.

The classes for MD2 includes Biochemistry, Genetics, Physiology, and Neuro-Anatomy. I learned that Genetics and Neuro-Anatomy are not separate subjects, but instead they are sections Biochemistry and Human Gross Anatomy. Biochemistry and Physiology are taught every day since they are very significant in the USMLE; Neuro-Anatomy are taught three days a week and Genetics is taught two days a week.

The subjects are not that difficult to comprehend but in general it is difficult because of the long lecture hours each subject has. After I’m done with the lectures I come home around 3 and I feel exhausted and fall asleep. I usually have to sleep 3 hours to regain my energy to study. I get up and eat; so I start studying around 7, which gives me 4 hours to study. Because of the heat it makes things difficult for me at times.