The Semester is Almost Over

So the time is near till the end of the semester. I am anxious to go back to the States and enjoy the simple luxury that America provides that we take for granted every day. These four months on the island flew by. I came to Bonaire in the last week of August and now it’s December. I have just one more day of exams and a lot of packing to do. I dropped off my last batch of laundry to the laundry mat and I must say I’m getting ripped off. I could do the laundry myself but I don’t have the time nor would I be able to sit and wait in the hot laundry mat. These locals know we’re Americans and Europeans so they charge as much as they want. I still have to write a post of how the immigration office processed my permit. I was one of the handful of people who had my permit processed faster than others. I turned all my paperwork around the due date that the school set for me so it was sent down here quicker.

Last Two Weeks Till End of MD1

Whew, I haven’t blogged in a while. It’s been really crazy with third block and now 12 more days till the end of this semester. I’m excited, but I’m not sure if 3 weeks winter break will be enough for me to recover. People say MD2 or second semester is not as bad as MD1. We have to move for next semester; it’s the same case for many MD1 students. We don’t get along with our real estate agent and we’re having problems. Apparently things are rough for me right now. I have block 4 tests along with the struggle for finding a house, cooking, and packing up everything to go back to USA. I finally got my temporary residency permit last week. It was a pain and in a later post I’ll explain in detail what I did and what someone has to do in order to get theirs. From today all I can think of is 12 more days till freedom.