Another Friday

It’s Friday, and it’s the day to go to the mosque and read Jummah prayer.  Today is a national holiday in Bonaire so school is closed.  It’s really amazing to find an actual mosque with an onion dome here.  I woke up in the morning and did a little studying and waited for my room mates to get up.  One of them did the kutba at today’s prayer, and he did a good job.  Today is just another normal day and I suppose this is how it’ll be until I finish up basic sciences on the island.  We went to to the grocery store after prayers and we bought about $100 worth of groceries, which we are expecting to last for 3-4 weeks; it could last less than that if my roommate works outs more often since he has to eat more.  I want to work out; the gym is 2 minutes walk from our house but apparently it bothers me if I take more than 30 minutes break from studying and I do take my time in the gym.