Funding Caribbean Medical Schools

A new medical school in the Caribbean takes a bit of time to get all of the accreditations along with a proper channel to get loans for students. To get proper federal funding a school has t be established for at least 10 years. Ross Medical School, St. George Medical School, and American Medical University of the Caribbean all have US Federal government loans for their students. These three schools were established over 30 years ago; however, the other medical schools such as Saint James Medical School and Xavier University of Medicine in Bonaire have not been established for that long. Student of Saint James Medical School either have to get a loan from family or they have to get a private loan from banks, which is hard especially with the current economy. Some prospective students prefer not to go to any medical school which they can’t get a loan for.

Fortunately Saint James Medical School can all be funded by Affinity Federal Credit Union bank. Several current students already have taken out $25,000 for the basic science program. The credit union is based in New Jersey but you don’t have to be a resident of New Jersey to open an account. Just open a savings or a checking account and talk to their customer service to get the ball rolling. Just consider that $25,000 is enough for just the basic science program, which includes the tuition and personal expenses. It may not seem that it can be done but it can, if the money is spent in a smart manner.

Affinity Federal Credit Union
73 Mountain View Blvd.
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
Phone: 800-325-0808

9 thoughts on “Funding Caribbean Medical Schools”

  1. OMG!!! so y did i have my interview today and the first thing she states is the fact if i have my deposit ready right when i get accepted? i mean gosh…can we have some room to breath and decide where we want to go? i dont kno what to do…she canceled my interview so i could talk about it with my advisor before we have our interview..

  2. This is the same thing in SGU, and Ross, Caribbean schools are private for-profit schools so this is common. However, they will give you the opportunity to practice medicine in USA/Canada with little requirements to get in so it balances out. First research by asking students of different schools about the schools they attend then make a decision in applying. That's what I did, I only applied to SJSM and not anywhere else, not even in USA schools.

  3. well im stuck yu have any suggestions on what i should tell my adviser to hold it off till i could pay the's coming from my pocket.

  4. I suggest to you that, you talked to them about this and see what your options are. When it comes to any medical schools, Caribbean or's first come first serve..that is the medical schools which are legit. Now I suggest for you to first decide which medical school you want to attend. Trust me the chances of you getting in is very high. I look around SJSM and I see party people here.

  5. ok..well she put a hold onto my interview till next yr till I could decide what I want to do.

    U said "i look around sjsm and i see party people here" is there a lot of distractions on campus or just in the country?

  6. Yeah, don't make any firm decision before you know what you're getting yourself into. This will help you be a Physician but keep in mind it will be hard.

    The only distractions I can think of is beer being cheaper than water, the beach, and parties almost every weekend. However, I noticed most students who score in the 90s on the USMLE Step 1 don't get involved in these parties.

    As for studying, it will totally be up to you. Bonaire doesn't have much, and for those who are looking for fun, they try to make the best of it.

  7. So its gonna be a personal loan from the Affinity Federal Credit Union bank which need to be paid from the first month of the loan was taken. Right???? or is it gonna be like a student loan? u pay after u finish the basic science.

  8. This is some good information. I will be attending one of the Caribbean Medical Schools, called UMHS St. Kitts, and they offered a lot of information and support on figuring out how to fund your medical school experience. They could be a good resource for you too.

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