Cutting the Skeletal Muscles

Today was the second day of my lab.  We further dissected the cadavers through the skeletal muscle.  We opened up the pectorolis major and pectorolis minor.  My group found the axiallary artery, located near the clavicle bone (collar bone); it’s a very thick vessel that provides blood and nutrients to the upper limbs.  It was very interesting to see all the wires that lie within us.  Since I got my hands dirty yesterday, I decided to fall back and just see my other group members play surgeons today.   The supervising professor came to our area and pointed out certain areas to look into for those who are thinking about going into surgery for specialization.  I thought about surgery but then I had second thoughts about it because I can’t function without descent hours of sleep.   A surgeon has to break his/her sleep and has to be on the call, but not only during his residency, but also after residency.  I’ll struggle with little sleep during my residency but I don’t think I can keep that up for the rest of my career.
I didn’t stay next to the body for long, I had to walk around.  The corpse had aldehyde which I think is a preservative; the fumes which the body had, made my eyes watery.