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I was recently contacted by a member of the SGA of the Anguilla campus of SJSM; they contacted me to add my blog to their site.  Their site is a newsletter and has all the updates of what's going on in Anguilla. It's great to see a proper informational site of the island. The website has many updates and pictures of different events that's going on that Anguilla campus. I wish the Bonaire campus SGA had that much commitment when I was there, it would've saved me a lot of stress and money.

If you are planning to go to the Anguilla campus, visit SJSM: The Daily Dose and get an insight of what's going on there.

The SGA of SJSM Anguilla Campus
The SGA of SJSM Anguilla Campus

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Where To Go in Chicago To Get your Car Maintenance Done

When it comes to getting your car maintained there will be many auto shops which will try to rip you off or try to damage your car so you will pay them to get it fixed. Usually that happens in many private auto shops. Also, if you go to legit auto shops such as Firestone, they will charge you an arm and a leg to even do a single oil change. I've been living in Chicago for a while now and I learned where to go for whatever needs I may have for my car and for any other services. I drive an old car and it drives very smoothly thank God. My friends are surprised that my car drives consumes less gas than theirs and drives without problems.

I go to Bobak's NAPA Auto Center
4955 W 47th Street
Chicago IL, 60638
Tel. (773) 585-4700
No matter what I need for my car, it's always taken care of by my mechanic. If they need more time to fix your car than what they promised than the auto center will pay for your rental car, which shows they care about their customers. That auto shop is always busy because their customers come back again and again.

By the way, I'm not endorsed nor being paid to write this post; I suggested this auto shop specifically because they took care of my car maintenance services.

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Congratulations to the SJSM Students Who Matched for 2014

Congratulations to the SJSM students who worked hard and got matched for the 2014 year. The following are names of the students who got matched, the specialty, and the state they are matched in. Keep in mind that this is the partial list which was listed from SJSM's website. Some students did not want to be listed so the actual list is possibly longer.
  1. Sajeeb Adhikary – Psychiatry, MI
  2. Farhan Ahmed – Family Medicine, KY
  3. Maria Azeem – Family Medicine, AL
  4. Tae Ho Choi – Family Medicine, ND
  5. Shae Datta, Internal Medicine, NY
  6. Dimitri Edirmanasinghe – Psychiatry, CANADA
  7. Mahveen Ethezaz – Family Medicine, MN
  8. Sanju George – Psychiatry, DE
  9. Jarrett Gillette – Family Medicine, IL
  10. Inas Hagroo – Internal Medicine, MI
  11. David Jeager – Internal Medicine, NY
  12. Jelisia Kamel – Family Medicine, CANADA
  13. Junzhi Lin – Internal Medicine, IL
  14. Raafia Muhammad – Surgery, NY
  15. Kamalakshi Narahari – Internal Medicine, IL
  16. Andrew Poulos – Family Medicine, WI
  17. James Reed III – Family Medicine, SC
  18. Mohammad Sadi – Internal Medicine, IL
  19. Samir Shahen – Family Medicine, IL
  20. Usman Umar – Family Medicine, LA
  21. Moaweya Zayed – Family Medicine, MN
Hard work pays off so, good luck everyone!

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